08 May, 2013


Marriage is not for babies neither is it for over aged adults, the puzzle left unsolved is at what age can you marry, well these is a tricky question to ask but even if I should ask you I know you already know what to reply with.

Being in a relationship just any how and which ever time you feel is a different ball game entirely, well left to me teenagers also have the license to marry so if I were to be thrown this question my reply will be, you can marry at any time. it doesn't need to be announced over the tv station or radio jingles before you know when to marry.

There are some things to consider anyway, even if you are free to marry anytime, you should have really put some things into consideration and must have balanced so many things up, especially if you are a man.

You must be financially buoyant, decisions you'll carry out being the head of the family most time entails enough money, so when you possess a lot of money and can provide for you kids and your wife and also prepare a roof under which you all can lay, then you are ready to marry.

Going into marriage already means you are willing to accept your partners likes and dislikes, after the marriage there will be times where you"ll want to watch soccer on the tv and she'll remind you of an appointment you promised her you'll keep.

Remember its a once in a life time experience well that's how it was planned originally but lack of patience and adequate preparation drowned many marriages, you and your partner before taking these bold, giant step must seat down and do a thorough thinking and check ups to make sure you are both ready.

Don't ever try to compare the marriage life you going to experience with the relationship you where having then, they are quite different, in a relationship you can easily call it quit with your partner with a little damage but when you decide to divorce after marriage you will be destroying some hard work you'll both labored to build.

So the right and most appropriate time to marry is when you've thorough planned and you've made sure that there is a possible and stable means of income that can sustain the family.

Remember this a decision that you have to carry out carefully and patiently don't allow yourself to be pushed by your peers or parent into making mistakes you could have avoided if you had been patient, watch before you leap.

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