08 May, 2013


You might be wondering why you need to compliment your man but if you are seeking affection and total attraction from your guy, then you actually need this.

The girls like to be complimented by the guys and it makes them feel like the only girl in the world but in the case of the guys when they receive compliments from the girls it not only make them special but it does leave a mark and a longer impression of you.

They think about you and what you said to them and just smile, there and then you've scored a 70 percent on making your man interested in you and pouring you more of his love.

When you talk by or walk around the neighbor hood or on the streets and other ladies admire him don't hate him for that or pick a quarrel with him all you tell him is that am so lucky and I feel blessed to be the girl in your arms right now. show him that he is important to you.

Guys maybe because of the way they are created to always be the man make plans ahead of the future like houses they want to build, how many cars they intend to buy, where they like to work, these are all big ambitions.

When he tells you something similar about his future prospects don't hesitate to give him your own support tell him its such a nice plan and that makes a lot of sense and I'll like to be in that picture of yours, don't forget me when he discovers that you are supportive and share his dreams and visions he'll love you the more.

If you've gotten your relationship really tight and you make love now and then, if your man is good in bed don't forget to compliment him about that, tell him he could kill a lady and that you almost could not take it all these will make him affectionate towards you and next time he'll thirst for more compliments and appreciation for you and that could sparkle your sex life and you'll participate in the outcome of that.

Even when he is not that over protective when you compliment him he'll work on himself and you'll get a better result, compliments motivates and when you say to him I don't know where these is coming from but I always feel save within me when am in your arms especially when its at night and maybe you walk through an almost lonely part, saying these words to him will bring out the man in him and he'll feel like he has a duty to protect you, these will make his head to swell.

I know these well especially when searching for a date guys take time to dress well and look good, so its important you compliment his hard works by acknowledging the fact that he is handsome and you might say if there's anything I love more about you is this your chest, you know I could sleep there for a night and wouldn't even tell the difference between that and my bed. there is nothing more soothing like a compliment from the lips of a lover don't forget. Boast about him and make sure he is aware of that, if he's the type that knows how to sing then appreciate him, guys always love making impact in their girls so try something like John I need you now, am so helpless without you, what would I have done without you these will make him feel like he is on top of the world because he'll know you depend on him for things.

That's why some men go to the extent of marrying a full house will because they want to earn their full respect and wants their wives to depend on them for almost everything she desires so when you compliment your man.

He gets the drive and power to even give you the best of his ability in that relationship.

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