09 May, 2013


Life is a gift from the heavens and no matter how fed up an individual gets he never gets tired of living, you'll here people say am tired of living and am fed up with life but they'll never jump into the pit to end their life neither will they cross train tracks just to be crushed down.

A purpose driven life its just the best way to live, make sure you have hope of something and tag your life to future ambitions or visions you wish to accomplish so it doesn't seem like its boring to you.

Set future goals that you intend to achieve within a stipulated period of time, compare yourself with others but don't turn them into your God, don't live because others are living and never you set your standard according to that of your friends or someone you hold in high esteem.

Where these affects you and the whole society is when you allow things like this to dictate your life, it goes a long way in affecting your relationship not only with opposite sets but also everyone you cross by.

Your facial expression has a way of speaking volumes of the in depth of your heart, when you wear a sad look, it affects those that sees you, they may even be smiling towards you but when they see the look on your face they stop to ask why.

When you not happy, you can begin to distribute happiness to people around you especially your love ones don't let the cares of these life to way you down to the extent of you transferring that to your relationship life, you might think you'll hide it but obviously they'll get to know.

Nobody can make you sad or no situation can weigh you down in that relationship that will make you want to take your own life if you don't wish to, what you think you are under going as a result of the pain you think you are passing true in that relationship somebody has gone that way before and is out triumphantly.

You wouldn't be the first neither will you end up been the last person to face that kind of a situation.

However bad the situation at hand might look in that relationship take courage in the fact that it will soon be over and its darkest just before done, relationship grow stronger and better with every problems and pain conquered so help your relationship grow stronger try to overcome.

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