17 May, 2013


Everyone has got its own attitude and If its frequently and often repeated then it becomes a habit, its a habit for me to always top my class, now that's one and you are fond of raping teenage girls is another.

they are both habits and the only difference is the "bad" in one and its absence in the other.

Coming now to the things you fond of doing in a relationship that is bad, everyone has a bad habit but it doesn't help relationship, instead it tears them apart.

Bad habits

If you are in a relationship with someone forget about his or her ex and just focus on present relationship, don't go digging about his/her current status with the ex that's his own business let him handle it.

I know you are proud of your man or woman in public, but its not the best for you to make it a normal routine playfully outside.

Its okay to hold her hands or just kiss outside then you save the rest for your privacy, stop making your relationship a live film show to the world.

Ladies do these often times, they are offended and they have issues running through their minds instead of them to let the cat out of the bag and speak their minds out, they just stay mute, how do you want him to know you don't like it when you never say anything about it.

Try as much as possible not to argue and exchange unpleasant words in the public or on the street, calling yourselves names and exposing bedroom secrets.

That's a very bad habit and it spoil things, if your partner is not mature enough you just walk out of the scene to stop the rage and save you relationship.

No one is perfect people will tell you that! so if you feel offended at anytime try to settle the dispute and let by-gone be by-gone don't hold on to it.

That can destroy your relationship because its very bad and an eye-saw if you partner offends you and you can't totally forgive, who doesn't make mistakes?

Every now and then you make reference to the day this and that happened, that's very bad.

Never you keep track of your relationship don't remind him of the number of times you've been paying for the children's school fees maybe you have more money.

Everyone is aware of the fact that you contribute a great deal to the union but don't go about saying it to his face or her face as the case maybe it'll kill the love in that relationship.

If you are so bent on really getting the best out of your relationship then you have to trust your partner and have confidence in him/her.

Don't go spying into some private matters that doesn't concern you directly since your partner is not there when you check those stuffs and you see things that are suspicious there will be no one to clear the air for you and you might believe what you see base on what you assume it is, when its not so.

The act of been jealous doesn't only break the trust you've worked so hard to build but also threatens the amount of love you have for them, you begin to be suspicious of the fact that he/she might have gone out to see their ex.

When they go to hang out with friends, its good to be jealous but let it be at the minimum or lowest level it can be.

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