21 September, 2014


There is a woman I know who lives at Oshodi axis of Lagos state where my friend lives. My friend actually lives in a one room apartment (face me and face you) and you'd always see me there when I am bored or sad. Come and see my friend's compound, Chineke! The compound is very big, I don't even know how many people live there, but I know of a woman called, "Mama Favour" who her husband always beats blue-black, leaving her with either a black eye or a broken ankle to nurse.

Mama Favour, sincerely turns out to be, an educated woman, very beautiful, she possesses a great command of English and very knowledgeable....but what I just can't come to term with is, why she would allow her husband, "Papa Favour" to beat her anytime he wishes. This man would abuse and disrespect her without caution. He will proudly use his belt on her, even in front of other neighbors, he will slap her silly, and mama Favour would be on the floor crying, using her hands to protect her face.

Sometimes the neighbors help her out, other times they can't help cos papa Favour would lock her up in his room and beat her. Why was he always beating her? Its either she cooked late, she didnt wash his clothes, she went to complain to his family members or she came back late from church etc. ( I don't know if its true o, thats what I heard lol)

Even though Mama Favour is my friend, as in we talk once in a while, but I have never for once asked her why she would still remain in her husband's house with all the beating, abuse and disrespect....cos i sabi say, its really non of my business..... even though I was somehow genuinely concerned, I just felt like since I am not her relative or her neighbor I have no say.

The only thing mama Favour and I discuss are experiences, educational topics e.t.c but I made sure I don't spend much time with her cos she's a married woman and I don't want her husband accusing her of anything lol..... she's a very intelligent woman and thats one of the reasons I have her as a friend.

Last month I went to visit my friend and I asked after mama Favour and I was told she's in the hospital.. Why? What happened? Her husband did the usual thing, this time she fainted and was rushed to the hospital..... I was like, ''shey this woman wan die for this man house ni?'' But i lock up, cos na family issue.

Ok, to cut the story short.... last 2 sundays I went to Oshodi to visit my friend on my way back from a friend's birthday party and booommm.....

" You this stupid man you must kill me today o. Useless man. you no dey see your mate?'' I saw mama Favour rush out of her one room apartment crying and at the same time talking back at her husband in a disrespectful way.... ''Ode, oloshi. Na ebola go kill you. Useless man. you dey here dey ask for food. You give me money? the food wen you chop for night you know where e come from.. '' as she was insulting him she was moving away from him to avoid him beating her.

''You must kill me o'' she kept on shouting.. ''kill me o useless man''..... Papa Favour stood outside their apartment angirly, '' shebi na this house you go enter today'' He asked. ''Oloshi, house rent wen you never pay? If not because of Favour you think say I go still dey here?'' Mama Favour replied...... lol

Soon the argument died down then I went into my friend's room. But in another 10minutes I heard a loud scream, ''Yeeee, my belle o''..... my friend and I rushed out and it was mama favour and her husband again.

''Papa Favour, you no dey tire to dey beat this woman?'' my friend asked from a distance. But Papa Favour didnt answer him. Mama Favour was holding on to his cloth shouting, ''you must kill me o''...

Favour, their son saw that his father was beating his mother and ran to help.. ''daddy daddy, leave mummy alone'' he said crying.... Papa Favour looked at him and used his left hand to push him away. Favour fell down crying.

When mama Favour saw this, she was provoked, got up from the ground and gave her husband a very loud slap. Pushed him away and gave him a heavy beating.. Lol, the beating no be for here o.

As in , mama Favour beat papa Favour ehn that everyone in the compound were surprised.. To be sincere I was happy watching how mama Favour beat her husband. Lmaoooo.....He needs to taste his own medicine. I know its wrong but she has been disrespected too much lol...

So I got home that day with a smile on my face. I called my friend yesterday to ask him ''how far'' as the amebo was really itching me and he told me, ''Guy, come and see respect, abi na fear... Papa Favour never touch em wife since o. infact them don arrange family meeting to settle to matter'' LOL......

Now I can understand why a chicken would chase you like no man's business, when you go near their chicks but wouldn't do nothing if they have no chick. lol...

I just pray Mama favour and Papa Favour settle their matter and Papa Favour won't beat his wife again (even though say the man don dey fear, as in e no want another embarrassment) and I also pray Mama Favour wouldn't disrespect her husband by beating and insulting him.... LOL

This is why I love face me and face you apartment. You'll see me there when I am bored. As in, enough amebo...

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