20 September, 2014


All these girls wey dey pick/ Recieve Calls from Guys lyk say dem be Marketer!, Market well ehn! We dey watch like Security!..

E dey pain me say GIRLS know inside deir belle say dem dey play Games wella, but still, dem fit use deir Punani swear say na Lie!..

Wetin we hear before ehn? "Its Ma Cousin broda!,, Ma Classmate!, Ma Course-rep! Ma church Member!, Ma Friend",,, Argh! So, u no get Cousin Sistas abi? Na u sabi book pass for class abi? U be Assistant Class-rep? U be active member for ur church?

Hmmm! Girls ehn! Well, make una jisike! Play well well oo, for i believe one thing say na when una enter Marriage, all dese una Movement go end! And na for inside dat Marriage most Men dey start deir own wella.. So, if u be Confirm Ari(sto), Accept wetin u see inside marriage! Na d Game..

Abi i talk una Belle so? Guys!!!

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