19 September, 2014

D KEEPERS, DEFENDERS and STRIKERS (Scorer) of a Sexual Relationship..

There's nothing more loving &Trusting, than when a girl has a KEEPER!.. A keeper is one who puts d interest of his Lady first before his.. Always assuring her of d Future together, Even when she takes In (Get pregnant) for him, he'd keep her still.. And make all d necessary rights Fulfilled..He cares; Respects, Commits,Trust & Content with her..

A DEFENDER; This is One who plays safe &keeps his lady safe even when having an Unprotected Sex (Or Condomized).. He makes sure he doesnt make her Mom, as he isnt ready to be a Dad either.. A safe Relationship this is.. And Ladies loves it, for it doesn't put them at risk of facing an Untimed cause, with Shame, rejection &Disappointment..They care, love &also respect their lady, but dont do Promises so as not to cause Expected Disappointments..

A STRIKER!.. Hmmm! Just as most ladies are strongly Fertile &can take-In at a single slight Cum, so are these strikers Shooters.. One strike &they're In..They have sex to their own Interest/Pleasure, Unprotected &Care less of Cuming In.. Now, it hurts more after Scoring a Goal, denying it wasn't their Shot Or that they dont want a baby now.. This is where most of our ladies either Abort, Terminate or Give birth &be Singlely responsible for d child, as who's Responsible gets Missing or Threatens them off...

Now Ladies! Know who you're with today!..Dont just spread your legs &Enjoy d Ride! Is your Guy a Keeper, Defender Or Striker?..

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