06 May, 2013


Relationships are not just easy to get over with especially if its your heart that is broken, but a more secure way to get past old wounds is when you go into another relationship its a nice therapy that works wonders in everybody trying to forget about the guy or girl who broke your heart, that's life when you heart is broken at the other end will be somebody willing to mend the pieces for you.

Let your ex go it just mean they are part of the story its over if you still hold on to them they may affect your future relationships and mare your life for ever, its as serious as that, remember that you guys broke up for a reason and accept it because there is little or nothing you can do about it.

Its time to move on discourage every thought of your old love so that you can enjoy a new happiness when you find someone else, if you don't let your ex go, you'll find it really hard to stay in subsequent relationship.

When you start comparing your old relationship with the new one then we have a problem, never you compare the two together forget about the past, burn the bridge behind you and just enjoy the love, care and romance of these present relationship, stop equating every thing that happen in your former relationship with the new one it will cause a lot of damage and you might be at the loosing end again.

Girls do these a lot, they imagine where and how they were made love to by their ex, they recall the sweet conversations they had with their ex every night before they put the lights out, how he raps he's hand around your waist and your favorite food she does so well cook all these just show you are not ready to move on, you have to let go so you can find a new happiness and joy.

Also when you find yourself talking alone about your ex and just smiling or talking to your new lover stuffs you normally do with your ex, and sharing exciting moments and pictures of your ex together when all these takes the bigger part of your heart, head, time and occupies you, then you your self is what is standing in the way of your own love.

Quick recovery from the hurt you had in the past because all that wouldn't bring him/her back, he doesn't even care about you any longer and very happy where he or she is.

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