06 May, 2013


Every girl wants to be wanted not by the F.B.I anyway but by the one they really love that they call their boy friends but most of the time they don't really get what they desire and they tend to settle for the less available, look here girl you worth more than that, here are tips to make your boy friend desire you more than how he does before:

Its not always the best idea to always sacrifice your happiness because of a relationship, its in both ways you are happy and he is happy, guys love the independent girls what I mean by that is a girl that has got every thing and needs a guy for little or nothing, that will push him into running here and there, he'll be so interested in making you depend on him, and the harder you make him try the harder he wants you the more.

Learn to stand on your words and be loved for who you are if not he'll take you for granted continually.


Look good always, dress well, guys are easily turned on by the way their girl friends look, your physical appearance matters a lot to him especially when he's friends are around, it will make him feel proud and he'll always want to be with you.

Respect him like you do to your parents even if not up to the way you respect them but atleast give him a reasonable amount of your respect, also they say respect is reciprocal, when you doing all these don't forget to respect yourself too, act like a mature girl and handle issues with mature mind, he'll see how valuable you are and he'll desire you like the air he breathes.

Get a life of your own, get your own companions, don't be idle get yourself to work, make sure you are also attracting other male folks around, when he calls you that he wants to be with you sometimes act like you are busy and your schedule is tight.

He'll miss you and will want you more and whenever you are available he'll cherish the moment since you not always available when he wants you but don't allow it to be too much, don't be too scarce don't drive him off to another girl.

Men always thing that they know it all or are the most brilliant but when you prove to him that you know things that he doesn't that will surprise him, read news, be current, know about the happenings all around town, when he discovers you are intelligent he wouldn't want to loose you for anything in the world.

Don't ever allow anyone be it a guy or a girl to take you for granted but in these case am laying emphasis on guys, don't ever allow any guy to take you for granted, you are better and more valuable than what he thinks and when you begin to see that you just like any other normal girl, you scare him, play hard to get, and let him know its not so hard in finding another guy don't worry he wouldn't leave you instead he'll stick closer to you the more.

Have a mind of your own and don't be that girl that can be easily manipulated which ever way he chooses to, the relationship is for the benefit of both of you so why must somebody be at the oppressing end if you are to look at it from another perspective you both have equal right in the relationship but its just a sign of respect that's why the girls head a little bit lower than that of the guys.

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