21 September, 2014


Tolani was the name that rang in every ear and the major subject of discussion whenever Kola gather with his friends at the edge of the fence where they usually meet to chat and while away time. No man can stand her elegance and gorgeous looks,,,her smile alone bring peace to a troubled sea and her voice is so soothing, calm and cool like someone who drank water after taking "tom-tom" Lolz Her beauty is so fascinating that even the girls in the block take a long stare at her, boys peep through the curtains on the window just to catch a little glimpse of her as she walk pass by,,,,was it their fault? No o who will see such an angel and not wonder how God could be that perfect an accurate,,,the twin tower on her chest stood upright and in position.. .one could see their pillars and a sloppy curve between the two towers where her starry jewelry rest in between them.. .when she walks by coz she stays up on a hilly bungalow not too far from our house when she walk down da hill her "back_carriage" take turns in bouncing.. .

Sometimes we just pretend like we are not looking and the moment she pass_by us we immediately start counting one..two,,,,one..two.. .one..two as they take turns in bouncing,,,lolz

The most interesting aspect in this is her pride.. .she became a competition in our area that even if Usain Bolt were to be present .. .he was sure not going to break her record,,,,men with different cars and levels have tried one or more lines on her but its not been working,,,she shuns guys off immediately you try to cough something sort of "I admire ya beauty, I like you, can I be ya friend" .. 'She go wash you ehn na omo - multi action you go think say she use! She is a no nonsense girl,,, the only people she relates with are her family members and Ada her igbo friend.. .birds of a feather they say,,,,that's how they'll parade and flaunt their selves on the road with da dark shade that leaves you with just their nose and mouth to stare at da eyes have been covered.. .Lmaoo

Where are we going.. . #7 years later when I got back from da university did ma youth service,,,got a job and was about unlocking ma car to go home when i saw someone who looked like #Tolani "could this be her or someone who resembles her" ma little mind kept asking as she walked pass by as she normally did in time pass.. .but this time instead of starring with admiration .. Ma jaw dropped.. . There was a great change: the twin towers on her chest that raised boys short those days has been demolished by da Al'kadia group tabi na Boko Haram sef,,,lolz. ..the backyard had loosed it springs and so could not bounce,,,,what happened to the once upon a time beautiful Tolani. ..I rushed to my father's house coz I was even going there before to see my parents and know how they fair,,,,that was when my mum told me da full story and the most shocking part of it all was that #Tolani was still single and ageingly searching..for any one just so she could bear a man's surname at the least *Lobaton.. .

»»Make hay while the sunshine... Beauty fades with time before it fades away use it wisely,,,always remember ya grand_mother was more beautiful when she was ya age! Lolz

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