21 September, 2014


Some ladies will tell you,,,,"All I need from a man is care, attention and undivided love..." Lolz...I wish they were sincere With that it could have been lovely, but the hidden agenda is money, its a lie huh?

When he stops buying you gifts, air time,,,stop taking you shopping then you scream on him that he is no longer caring, money can never define love and probably in the first instant when you fell in love with him you were not that demanding but you couldn't help it,,,,money is like ya middle name.

What I baffles me is that you had ya way of providing for ya needs before but now its like they are out of service and you became so lucky as to get an ATM machine for a boy friend! ...temper justice with mercy, just recently he gave you money for ya hair, bought you some designers, loaded ya phone with enough airtime da can carry you for at least 4 decade and your birthday is next month and the following week is valentine,,,,and you say "wetin be hin work before?! Lolz you are more heartless than Boko Haram.

Haven't you heard? ...love don't cost a thing, he may not be complaining coz he still thinks he is love with a girl who loves him little do you guys know that once the water stops flowing from ya tap in first bank...she takes her bucket to the next tap coz she must get water! Lolz then one morning she dumps you and you chase and chase after her coz you've invested so much in her and you can't just let her go like that,,,free the babe abeg,,,you were a cheerful giver and she was blessed by you huh? That's good! Lolz

My point exactly: just because he is so tall because he's seating on his wallet doesn't mean you should build an estate from that same wallet,,,,that is not love, love is when you take away the touchy-touchy, the material things and you still find something that tickles you inside "butterfly feeling" love is not selfish, proud, demanding, boastful, pompous, or whatever adjective in that category!

When you discover she likes your money more than you then she doesn't love you,,,she is keeping you around because you are keeping her money and there is no way she'll get it with your absence,,,,Operation know when you are been used"...Gbam!

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