30 April, 2013


Staying far off from the arms and reach of someone you love in a relationship is a bad business and in our modern day society that's what we see all around maybe its not even deliberate but what is bad still remains bad, if where you work is not closer to that of your partner and you only text and call, you'll hear something like "I know my self I can't fall for that crab" but alas since we are not angels you just might find yourself in the pit you think you can't enter.

Take for instance every night after work everybody needs food to eat a cool water to bathe with and a nice place to lay for rest and before the long distance you have been providing all that as a lady, but now he is in the north and you are in the west he doesn't get all that again for the first few weeks or perhaps months he'll tend to miss you absence so much that he could not even be able to breathe but after a couple of more days he seeks for an alternative.

That's natural not that he no longer loves you or have your interest at heart but he needs something he can make do with for the main time and therefore that prompts him into looking for alternative that will replace you for the main time and God help you so that he doesn't permanently replace you don't think you know your man, let me tell you a little secret guys I mean the male folks are naturally born womanizer and its your effort and the amount of love you shower on him that can make him stay and be faithful to you.

Don't stay far from the one you love distance relationship doesn't always lead into a happy ending I've witness so many cases were the girl has to go back to school and the guy is walking some where in the state, though the girl really loves the guy before departure anyway, the guy calls the girl often times, they talk lovely and end the conversation with words like "I'm missing you my love" "I love you" but that's just from the mobile phones.

When she gets to the school and she's approached by a guy she resist for some couple of times but a little misunderstanding that would have been settle if the girl were to be looking the guy directly in the eye balls is left to grow and cause problem because in order for her to have a conscience void of offense towards the guy she takes advantage of that and gradually begins to flirt with her school mates that are guys knowing fully well that nobody is going to notice and she can always go back home to meet with her boy friend who is working somewhere far from school.

If you ask the girls they will tell you that its not advice able to put all your eggs in one basket because they think first about the negative side of everything before considering the positive end of it so base on that factor having numerous men and boy friends its just their own simple way of staying on the savers side but when you are around your girl or lover not just holding of hands, there should be an intimacy not only at night when you guys are in bed and lights are off i'm talking about the intimacy in the heart and that's nourished by a very good communication.

Don't forget I've told you these before girls like to talk so go talk to her and if she's always telling you not to bother and keeps things from you then you are loosing it seat her down and logically make her open up to you am not saying distance relationship doesn't work but they only do in rare cases and statistics from our everyday life also confirms that. Only few out of the numerous inhabitants of planet earth, have it in mind that they going purposefully to fall in love with somebody far away.

We never can tell but if you find yourself in situations like these that you are far away from the person you love then you guys should be prepared to face what ever comes out of it engaging in a distant relationship requires a lot of time, commitment, dedication and most especially you'll have to really trust him/her.

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