30 April, 2013


So many youth of nowadays precisely gets into a state of confusion as to what best to present to their lovers as they celebrate a great day in their life, like what to buy for him when he marks he's 23rd birthday, valentine day, festive periods like christmas and new year, some girls end up presenting the guy with a rose flower when the case should be the reverse, if you are a girl and would like to plan something big for your man that's very good.

Look here it doesn't have to be big or consume your money its the way and manner in which you present the gift that matters, a small greeting card could send a message even buying him a car won't,so also these applies to the male folks since we are the once that carry out these kind of task in a relationship, its really good to surprise her, and getting her gift items on her birthday or valentine day that she'll really appreciate can transform your relationship to the next level.

Girls will tell you they are not after your money but when you do spend for them they also don't resist it or decline, so on a valentine's day its just normal for them to be expectant especially when you've made the promise before hand, the reason they will get mad at you if you don't keep to your word is that obviously they must have told her their friends about their boy friends and what he intends to do for them.

So when you disappoint them you only embarrassed her in front of her peers, girls hate it when they been lied to, don't get me wrong girls also love to hear guys lie to them or let me put it these way they believe you more when you tell them fairy tales and you so paint the story as if its true, but when you do tell them the truth its not as interesting when you tell make up stories, the only annoying thing is when you lie and you are caught, they find it hard to believe you next time.

So when next you have to make a promise to a girl make sure you are telling her the truth because once you miss it out like she finds it hard to trust you theses days you are already heading towards a solid wall in your relationship and that can make it crumble and its not healthy for your heart.

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