24 September, 2014


*clears throat* weh seh! LOL... d word "NAG" is mostly associated with the women folks, majorly because they NAG the most & are more in the home but show me a nagging husband & i'll tell you where your marriage will end. A nagging husband is by far worse than a nagging wife. He will make your life hell.

He complains about almost everything you do. Inundating you & making your marriage draconian. The nadir of the situation is dat he's not willing to help.

He's always like:

"What were u looking at when the kids wrote on the wall?"

"You were watching telemundo when junior bruised his feet"

One day he says "i don't like boiled egg", d next day he says "why fried eggs today", so you decide to cook two eggs, boil one & fry the other, he still complains "why did u not fry this one & boil dat one?"

My dear wifey, u need patience. Tell him how u feel. & to d nagging husbands, e ku se! Beta change. Put urself in ur spouse' shoe. Don't take tins personal. Trust them & help out. MEN! Stop nagging.. .and to those of you guys not yet married don't even think about it when you've done da yes I DO!

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