24 September, 2014


If your love for a Person lies only on d Attention they give you, trust me! You dont really love that person!. How about loving them in their absent attention?..

Yes! I put it to you that, d best way to know if someone truly loves you, is to hold back your attention just a bit, to see if they'd feel concerned! Either about what's wrong or If all is well..

Most especially to you Ladies who loves Attention a lot, you should understand that LOVE isnt all about you, but Both of you.. A man can love you truly but when situations get d best of him, be ready to feel a little absence of him.. This is where you as a Woman, shows your own love..

Call him alot, Care, Encourage him, Pray for him, assure him you have his back! Guarantee him d situation will not come in between what you have for him..

D only thing that can make a man unhappy/unattentive &Absent to you, is lack of Money/No Job yet/UnComfortability Or Setbacks.. If these things are had/Achieved, trust this that you'd enjoy him to d last, as long as he loves you..

So, dont base your love on Attention only.Just as No matter how much our government puts/invests in d Stabilization of Power(light) in this country, dem still dey take am "Lol".. But still, we understand &still dey pay bills.. UNDERSTANDING!!!

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