02 May, 2013


Love is a great subject of interest even the english dictionary finds it very hard to plainly explain it to teenagers, they tell you just about what it means in the english world but when it gets to you been practical about the whole stuffs that's like giving mathematics question to a student who studied pure english in the university.

Girls and guys alike find themselves in situations like these and all they do is keep asking themselves these question, you'll here something like "tricia what is wrong with you" when they stand in front of their mirrors, they can't just explain how suddenly the atmosphere changes when they hang out with the guy they call just their friends.

They tell that to themselves and to other people probably but the truth deep within is that they've fallen but either too shy to admit it or just scared about what the out come will result into, when your heart beats differently when you with the guy and gives you another beat when you are with other female friends of yours or even your family members that's a sign that you fallen in love.

Another thing is time, every one values his/her time so when you start to discover that your own time mean little or nothing to you or just develop wings and fly whenever you are with him, you enjoy more fun and you feel alive, nothing seem to matter to you, that's love its not that its blind its just that it sees everything but he doesn't care.

Just like two souls in one body, you can spend your last currency on her its possible you lay your life down for her that's a strong sign you've fallen in love my dear.

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