02 May, 2013


Delay in sex is just the best just like the counselors who tell us about the A.B.C of sex and still advice us that the first one which is to abstain from sex still remains the best option and they are right, as a teenage girl when you delay sex you have the privilege of going through college with one mind set to get a good result and you are out.

Why I said these is because when you indulge in sex you may say I know my self I'll be careful but the truth is there will be a time when you'll be carelessly indulging in sex and that's what lead to unwanted pregnancy that are so rampant today and when that happens the management of the school will ask you to withdraw thereby you would have jeopardize your future for some careless five minutes of sexual intercourse.

Its yours and its never running away so why will you be so interested in eating a food that's not yet done, when you delay sex in a relationship you get the opportunity of meeting your mr. right but perhaps maybe you use sex in building your own relationship it will get to a time when you'll be fed up and once the sex reduces or not forth coming the relationship will be at the brinks of collapsing.

Though its hard but that doesn't mean its not possible, don't allow anybody to confuse you delay sex, seat down and talk to your partner with that your relationship can go on the long run, you'll be save from unwanted pregnancy and other related sexually transmitted diseases that now parade the whole society.

Sex has lost its market price now its been sold for any amount at anytime of life, we the teenagers we love exploring they'll tell you let me learn from experience but as they say experience is the best teacher but not in all cases like these one, having a child for the guy wouldn't make him marry you at most if he gives a dim about you all he'll do is just to collect the baby from you, push you out and marry another person.

Look at it these way, we both often have sex together and we have been doing it for the past 4 years now so you should know that during those time I have seen everything, eaten of your honey and since it has been you all these years, same taste and everything gradually the fun and excitement begins to reduce till sex with you becomes a normal thing.

When these happens there is every tendency that at the slightest provocation I'll go look for another girl who can satisfy me, so also it applies to the girl too she might also decide to start sleeping with other men outside the relationship, and since the foundation of the relationship right from the beginning was built on sex.

And since its no longer interesting the relationship begins to gradually crumble too till you break up and if married already that's one of the reason we have failed marriages too.

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