02 May, 2013


The topic of sex strikes a great significance when it comes to dealing with relationships, people begin to ask does it really worth it to allow him to taste of my honey comb or not well sometimes the determining factor is the believe of either the guy or the girl some due to maybe the church they attend and from there what they are told tends to dictate every aspect of their life.

But in the society today sex has become so cheap that prostitutes houses are now everywhere and the girls themselves ask for it, gone are those days when virginity was a pride to those who had it now they tell those that are yet to experience it that its lack of opportunity, that they are missing and also that everyone is doing it.

My sister don't be deceived by what you hear from your friend or anybody, the reason they are giving you these kind of advice is because they've done it and don't want to be the only one doing it, they lost theirs so they want you to also throw yours away, if I were to be you I'll run and wait till am fully ready, but if you know your self that you wouldn't be able to abstain then my advice for you is get a marriage material go fall in love and never return.

There you can decide to have it there or wait till you are married, the ball is in your court, sex can be really great when had with the right partner its a way of connecting between you and your man.

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