20 April, 2013


Love is a very vital factor and its of uttermost important in every relationship love keeps these world in balance and makes the world go round, without love it will be impossible for one to even live with another. I can't begin to imagine the pain and the agony that will be caused due to the fact that there is no love, no matter how small there is a way you'll still feel that attraction I term as love.

Even to strangers now how much more the importance of love in a relationship when two people come together and begin to walk together what keeps them in unity is love they tend to sacrifice their individual likes and hates and create room for tolerance for the other partner, if you love him like you claim to do there are some factors you need to put into consideration you must be proud of your boy friend or partner when you walk with your friend or hang out his/her presence should not irritate you.

It has been said and its still been said that when you are with the one you claim you love time just flies and every other thing becomes a distraction, love is just something you can't do without just like the impossibility of breathing without air, when you are in love its impossible to hide it, if you think you love him/her and you are not showing the signs then better check it up because that might just be lost maybe in a flash you saw something enticing and you decided to go for the bait even if that works out fine it wouldn't last except if you just want to flirt with him or her.

I can't describe these little but mighty word "love" enough but the little I've said and have been saying is that according to researches that I made love is a four letter word that can be define as the natural swipe that occurs to either the male or the female folks at a given time when they least expect it against every will forces or hindrances firstly covering or clouding the reasoning, sight and thinking of the victim, leaving its prey in the hands of the other party with no will or courage to fight against its potency.

You'll agree with me because most of us has been through these ways before that when you fall inside love your heart beat faster when ever he or she is close by, you can even use that as a way of determining if you are in love with this person or that when you guys begin to mingle and nothing really freak you about the person then either you don't like him or her or you just sticking around in order to acquire all you are thinking of getting.

That's robbery and you should be jailed for that when caught its not good to take advantage of other peoples love don't pay back good for evil because its a small world that evil way you treated that girl might come back later to hunt you.

So take my advice and you won't regret these day never hurt any boy/girl in the name of love build a good relationship between you girl friends and lovers if possible with your enemies too just like life does have a purpose so also love that's unique, natural not bought or sold just flows like the rivers in Lebanon, it does have a purpose too and the intention of God was that it fulfill its original reason: to perfect the works of creation and recreation.

Go out there just breathe and naturally you'll find love I'll talk more on how to find these love and things you must do in order for the natural and dynamic love to flow towards you, either you like it or yes when you find that special one you'll be flying without wings though impossible in the eyes but in your heart and life that will be so true.

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