17 April, 2013


A Girl want so many things from a relationship, she has her innermost desires but maybe because of her pride she'll never let the cat out of the bag she'll just try and see how she can communicate that to you using actions that will be visible to her, if you are a guy you will agree with me that pleasing a woman is never a easy task.

Moreover guys or should I say mature boys or in some cases men who have been heartbroken in a relationship that's the believe they have in their minds, making her very comfortable sometimes is not about you buying the most expensive gift in the world on her birthday.

All she desires is your company that's why she creates time to be with you if not women are very busy being and if you take the census of the worlds population you'll have idea of how many boys that are available for her to select from so hanging out with you and spending a lot of time by your side really means she wants the relationship to go very far and she is in love with you.

Here are some things girls want from their guys but they suffer in silence because they may never ask you directly It all comes down to simple things, really, these things are very easy but you as a guy maybe because you see it as been small so you just take it lightly unknown to you that she is taking note of your every step and action.

Don't forget the methods and style you used back then when was still playing her hard to get stuffs on you now that she agrees to go into the relationship thinking you are going to be wooing her forever you just decide to stop that will not make her happy if you want her to love you and stick to you, then you can't stop telling her about the way you really love her at all time.

The female folks like that it makes them feel special some will even tell you that "you make me feel like am the only girl in the world", when you here that then you have a jackpot there, all the excitement and passion might go down quickly in boys.

They will tell you its a normal thing but that's like the reverse in ladies they want to feel that excitement every time they hear the mention of your name so to make that work you have to show them love and affection even after the maturity of the relationship.

Reflect back to the days passed when the relationship just kicked start and what it was that you did back then that made her happy that put a broad smile on her face and start doing those things now treat her like you just trying to make her be interested in you and she'll be loving you for all eternity.

Ladies love being envied so if you adore her like an angel and you complement her in public try to make her feel like the best in the universe and perhaps kiss her in the market square then she is your wife already even before proposing to her, she sees, hear and even live with other people who are also into one relationship or the other and she wants her own to be the very best.

Girls love surprises, take her out be very open to her if you have enough cash lavish it on her these just to create an impression in her that you are not a stingy guy and no matter the number of toasters I mean people trying to draw her into another relationship she'll always prefer your love above all.

Try with all your might to be the man that always make her happy, let her know she's lucky to have you they love it, be the type of guy her friends will compliment, she should be very proud of you both in the secret when she is alone and in the public, girls love guys who have respect for them it makes them feel you are responsible and you understand her a lot.

If you are not funny before try been funny start learning it try to as many time as possible make your girl friend laugh no dull moment and also girls like to talk so engage her in some profitable gist it makes the relationship to grow.

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