16 April, 2013


People do face difficulties in a relationship at a given instance in our life, that might be with a member of the family, your uncle might offend you, a times even mum and dad step on our toes and also in our life, that gives me concern the most. Relationships today requires a lot from the people or lovers involved and in most of the cases these misunderstanding pile up with time, because you are a different person entirely and the way you react to problems that arise might be different from the way that I see things I termed that 'individual differences'.

Sometimes you find your self in a situation you don't know how to go about it, and also what will be running through your mind will be "what went wrong" am i guilty or not guilty well if you jump into conclusion on time you might just miss it and cause damages that will take days or perhaps months to resolve if God is by your side.

When you find yourself in a relationship either with a guy or a girl and been with her doesn't bring you joy and peace of mind, u can as well break that relationship up because been single will be more fun and less stressful and if you choose to continue then you have to a kind of review the whole thing again with your partner and if you are still confuse as to what to do that is why people like Us are here for you and you have to accept relationship help and advice when you find yourself struggling from people who has gone that way before and have had a lot of experience.

Am taking a lot of time to tell you all these before we start talking about the element in that relationship which is 'love' So many factors stand as barriers to a very good relationship like lack of communication we've mention earlier despite all that I commend the courage of the few who still put efforts together to see that the relationship work out well if you are patient enough to wait he or she might just change when you least expect for the best.

It should be new to you because all your life you've been with your own sex now that you feel the urge to mingle with the opposite sex because you are maturing and getting ready for adult hood its very important you keep all what we've been discussing at the back of your mind and your desired relationship will ride you to the zenith of joy and happiness you've always longed for.

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