06 May, 2013


Teenagers if I were to be in the controlling department of relationship I wouldn't allow any of them to get involve, its too much of a risk engaging in relationship when you are still within the teenage range, but the girls will tell me that's their business and if they don't start now then when is it going to be, or don't you know girls have a very short life span in terms of menopause and so the earlier the better for them.

Relationship is for the mature mind, that's why we see so many confused youth today they enter into relationship with a girl or with a guy as the case maybe, and because of the little or lack of experience they dabble into silly mistakes they could have avoided if they had waited for the right time.

Every teenager should direct their energy and inquisitive mind into something profitable, other than trying to explore something they know little or nothing around, when you decided to drive a car with learning how to drive you may have accident on the way, but when you follow protocols and observe every rule, it becomes something very easy for you so also these apply to relationships.

I know of a teenage girl who was pregnant for a very rich dude, the guy advised her not to abort the baby that she was going to marry her which she obliged to, and when it was time for her to put to bed she did that successfully after some few months the baby grew to some extent, fell sick and died, she was still a student when all these was going on, that affected her studies immensely, and since the baby is dead the guy had to leave because that was the only tie the girl held on to as a bases that she was getting married to a rich guy. She loosed her pride, her so to speak future husband and her figure fell from the little breast feeding she did in time past and she had a lot of stretched marks all around her, she couldn't go back to her former life, her beauty was gone and all that was left is what her fate would decide, she might have cried had I known but that wouldn't turn back the hand of time oh if only she waited a little bit and was well matured to handle such matters of the heart he story would have ended with a very pleasant taste.

That's why the warning is going out to every one out there watch before you leap, weigh the consequence of your action if it should back fire, if you eat everything now what are you going to be eating later in future, teenagers face your books and set up a life for yourself don't be an experience other people will learn from, and you'll be having the happily ever after.

Don't let what your other friends who decided not to listen to their parents move you the have made a mistake and they don't want to be the only one in that boat, be wise channel that negative energy into something beneficial, a patient dog they always say we eat the fattest bone, your other half is also waiting for you.

Don't disappoint your unborn children, let them be proud of you in future and don't endanger your life by messing around with other teenage boys who are not responsible he can't take care of you and when there is problem he is going to abandon you because he's not mautre enough and neither is he ready to be become a father.

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