06 May, 2013


The world today makes room for everything worthwhile, but with little or no time to go with it, what we have today is a mixture of people with different character and behaviors, and what I came to discover is that nobody wants to be an island, we all want every attention and care to turn towards our direction.

That's why all these social networks gather together to see our these things can be possible for us, and in order to make new friends, you yourself should be friendly, smiling is a universal solvent that attracts people to you, you'll agree with me that nobody wants to be associated with somebody moody or dull, we all love interesting and jovial people.

If you the happy type you'll be making friends with kings and queens in no time. Another thing is your appearance that is not the way you see yourself anyway because you might be seeing yourself as though you are okay but when people see you they just shake their heads, not that type the way they walk, talk, eat, seat, stand, everything counts.

People's opinion matters a lot because if you have a bad attitude towards everything you'll just make your self a laughing stalk whenever you pass by they point fingers at you, they refer to you as a psycho and I know you don't like to be labeled a bad egg, just live your own life don't imitate others, don't do things because you see a fellow neighbor doing it, and when you go out make sure you are properly cleaned up.

Another thing is that you have to be the giving type open wide your hands an lend a helping hand those are the type of people other people mingle with today. Maybe the reason you choose to keep to yourself is because you feel you have everything and therefore you don't need the help of anybody, that's a big lie you are telling to yourself, no matter how small we all need somebody and the more good friends you have the better for you.

Its called networking and it all start with having just a friend, keeps you company, sometimes takes care of your financial bills and makes life fun to live in, who won't desire that kind of friend even the girls will want such a one for a relationship and vice versa, but mind the type of friends you keep and companies you move with.

You where never involved in arm robbery before when you take arm robbers as your best of friends you'll one day follow them out to steal and when you are caught that's just the end of your life you'll make your parent sad and they will curse the day they gave birth to you, I know you don't want to end up being a drug addict but your company and friends will be at the influencing end.

They will drag you down the path you never wish to tread because of the kind of people you move with, watch it today especially in schools and higher institution the reverse is also the case you can't move with a brilliant student and be beneath your class, if he's the brilliant type you gain from that because when ever his going to read his book, since you do things together you'll also be found there.

In our generation today good boys/girls deviate from the good home training their parents impacted them with because of the influence they have when they with their friends, the start to learn how to smoke, cheat, fight and steal, these will mare their future and ruin any ambition they have on the long-run in life.

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