17 May, 2013


Been a great husband is a thing of joy to every wife, treating her nice and been the talk of her friends is so amazing to her.

well been a great husband don't have a set down rule or regulations, just like no two people are the same.

A great husband is not the most handsome or the most quiet, those are good but not just enough.

You treat your wife like a princess and she'll respect you a lot, respect they say is reciprocal and if you want to be the man every woman desires then you have to show your wife adequate respect.

Take good care of her when she needs someone to talk to make sure you are always available and when you feel there's nothing you can do than be absent for that particular time make sure you make it up to her when you get back.

Be the appreciative type, shower her with praises even for every little thing she does, and when she makes suggestions for you be very grateful.

Give her a listening ear. Another thing that matters so much in making you a better husband is the level of your truthfulness.

No one wants a lie for a husband, don't lie to her because if you are caught that will disqualify all what you have been trying to build and you'll loose the trust she has in the time past for you.

Don't think for once that you no longer need to surprise your wife or buy her gifts sometimes its not how big the gift is but the intention behind your giving.

she'll know that back in the office you had her thoughts in mind and she'll feel immensely loved for your kind gesture. Be very lucrative, industrious and responsible.

Marriage and relationships are always too partner involve or at least that's the minimum number of partners involve in a union, so don't act like you are independent of her and you are the mister-know-all.

Don't allow her to carry everything like she's the only one working in the family when she gets back from office she'll still be the one cook your meal, as time goes on she'll begin to feel bored with this kind of way she's living.

That might not favor you at the end, as a man in which you are its very important for you to diligently play your own role in that family, that's why you are the man of the house so act like one.

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