17 May, 2013


Couples after a few months or probably few years of the happily ever after they tend to develop fatigues in their relationship.

Tired of always getting this for his wife and tired of doing the dishes and house chores, at that time the need for somebody helpful arises.

That's where the issue of house maid comes into play. Getting a house help to do the works you should be doing at home is not a really good one especially as a lady.

Striking from that position as a lady when you get another lady almost as pretty as you look to help you take care of your man then you might be putting yourself in some serious trouble.

You are always busy these days and since you've gotten a house maid you'll leave very early in the morning to your place of work most time you don't even have time to say good morning my love before you zoom off.

You just take things for granted, what you don't know is that gradually he'll begin to see you as been less important to him.

he'll find the company of your house help more soothing before you know what's going on, when he needs to be with somebody and because of your tight schedule you deny him of some matrimonial rights.

Since your house maid is available he takes advantage of her, and often and often times he repeats that kind of act with your maid without you noticing.

God help you, if you are lucky enough you might be able to discover that on time before things gets really worst if not that uneducated and shabby looking house maid you invited to your house might be the one to kick your butts out.

Fine making money and acquiring as much wealth as you can is very important, but never you trade the your position in the heart of your husband with money.

The money might still be there after the damages but your husband might be long gone by then.

Watch it! Be the ideal wife every man desires. Pertaining to the men its on rare occasions that we see men or guys that are house maid.

The lack of cooking skill that happen to be the major reason why he's been hired in the first place but if you have a house boy that do all those chores for you, and you not always having time for your wife then the reverse of all what we said earlier might begin to happen to you.

Its expedient for every couple and every marriage stand on the foundation of love and intimacy, because if it reduces, your value goes with it.

If you must get a house maid at all regardless of the sex let it not be total dependency on the maid for everything in the house.

the house maid could do some and there are some areas in which you'll have to restrict in order to avoid temptation of any sort and protect your marriage and your matrimonial bed.

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