15 May, 2013


Girls that's what they call the ladies that are being born into these world then the name migrates into young ladies and then babe, then the wife follows whatsoever position or state you are now and no mater what you are being referred to in your own local community regardless of your status as a lady don't allow anyone to push you all around.

Learn from the experience of others don't force anybody into loving you it wouldn't last long, you need to know what you've got or haven't you heard of mad women been raped what do you think happens in that case.

The guy gets attracted to the lady even though mad she still possesses the qualities a lady should have, so my sister you have hope and you are worth more than the world to so many people who are just beckoning on you to say yes to their proposal.

I bet you if you are declared wanted today, you'll see the reaction of the world and how many will be willing to do anything to possess you which wouldn't be the case of you are a guy, ladies are unique creatures.

You were not created to satisfy men or warm their beds at night, you were created and heavenly designed to be a help mate to the guys, so they should be the ones begging and seeking for your attention and not the reverse of the case.

if he's tired of the relationship you can show him to the door, he can as well work out of your life at least he's not the only guy in the world and maybe he doesn't realize the importance and the value of what he has yet.

Sometimes I don't blame the girls for the way they treat guys, many guys are just too heartless for my liking, why on earth will you toil with her emotions, why do you have to cheat on her? What is it you want that you can not get from her?

she's given you all her love and attention and all you do is take her for granted, she wants these relationship to end in marriage and you are just here trying and looking for a possible escape route for you to just dump her.

That will be inhuman and close to insanity if not insanity itself, why on earth does she have to pass through so much trying to please you.

Why is loving so hard for you to understand and read he true reason beyond her every action, its time ladies let's get on our feet and take our rightful position in every relationship.

So many handsome men have approached her since you started dating and for her among the so many to be in love with you is a thing you should guide jealousy and be forever grateful of.

Par adventure someone should treat your sister the way you do to other girls will you ever forgive the person? Or if your dad had been a player and had played your mum will he ever find the goal post.

It means you'll never be born so where did you come from and who do you use your heartlessness to resemble, why can't you show her a little respect and love, give her a sense of belonging.

Never betray her love because she's a unique and dynamic creature that is duty bound by you to take golden care of, if I were to be a lady I'll never take that rubbish other girls endure and call love.

Your own definition of love should be the one that wouldn't destroy your life and as a matter of fact girls hear these if you are not too sure about his love for you any longer and he appears to be wavering then I advice you watch it call his attention to that and if symptoms of infidelity persist you might be considering logging out.

There is no time to waste especially if you still happen to be a teenager but no matter the age as long as you are a lady.

you have these gift from God that makes a man to sell all his entire household all in the name of pleasing you go out there and get what you want with what God has given you.

Mind you don't misinterpret me I never said you should go into prostitution, apply wisdom unto everything you do, when you have too much of everything it does kill even if its not immediately it does that gradually stuffing the life out on a daily process.

Make your future kids very proud of their mother they are in you like egg cells watching from the inside don't be a disappointment to your unborn children don't bring them into these world without a father.

Because you know your father and you know your mother don't change it upside down, wait for the best and be very careful with choices you make before going into a relationship and even when you are in a relationship.

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