11 May, 2013


Miss independent, that's what you are and it really shows with the way you gorgeously handle things and carry your self, being a high maintenance woman has its prestige and also might have some repercussion.

First and foremost here are signs that when you start observing in your life then you know you are one of the people am directing these to, for the betterment of your relationship maybe you don't know about it before but after now you'll do.

Signs that show you are a high maintenance woman

When you start thinking you are better than every girl you see around you or come across and even the ones that try to raise their ugly head you do everything possible to put them down.

When you walk into a gathering and every attention is diverted towards you and nobody will notice your man or know you dating if you don't put your arms around him in public.

When you have interest for only those things that are very expensive and common people can't afford then you are a high maintenance woman.

When your boyfriend becomes uncomfortable and sweat profusely just because you told him you'll like to go and buy things maybe from the boutique or any other bigger shop outlet.

It might even be that you are not wasting the money but he thinks you are because those materials are expensive.

When you think you are more beautiful and your man is just lucky to have you, and you begin to think maybe you should have dated somebody of a higher class.

When you love hanging out with the guys and don't mingle with the girls, well the guys will like you and admire you but whenever you walk by other girls will point their fingers at you.

When you feel like your boyfriend is embarrassing you when he shows up when you are hanging out with people of high class like you are and maybe before he sees you, you just avoid him because you don't want them to laugh at you because he's not someone with a higher class and match your style.

Perfect ways to live for the high class ladies that wouldn't hurt your relationship

Many of you will want to disagree with me now but don't get me wrong, no one is saying you should be a woman of class and set standard for the way you want to run your life.

One man's meat is another man's poison, that's what a saying says so if he can afford to provide for your needs and has all you want, he wouldn't call you a high maintenance woman and who knows you may come across a man, who can afford you and your spending, to him all that is no big deal because he has all it takes.

Obviously am not against the high maintenance ladies, its always the best though if you are not too expensive but when as a lady you are so independent and you need a man for only those things you can't really give yourself, you know what I mean by that, then you don't have any reason for sucking him dry and making him go bankrupt.

You can be in that relationship and you still take care of your own big spending and he'll do is part, when you bless already the guy will respect you and wouldn't be a torn in your flesh.

Just be your self and an average is better don't over do things support your man and you know the strength of his pocket don't ask for the extravagant thing you know he can't provide.

Temper justice with mercy we all know its his duty to provide for your needs been the head in that relationship but you can be the reason why people say behind every successful man is a woman.

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