12 May, 2013


The subject of the creature as a muslim or a christian or a pagan or any other form of believes, referenced and worshiped shouldn't be taken with light fingers.

We've been talking and hearing a lot about relationships with fellow men and women but we haven't had enough time to talk about our believes as it affects them and back to our relationships.

who is a god

That's the question we do ask our selves, I'll tell you the little I know about him God is a supernatural being, extremely powerful and does things beyond the ordinary, and widely feared, believed and worshiped by man as a provider, deliverer, protector and everything beyond his own human capability.

You might be wondering how this affects you or your relationship but it does, and I will tell you how, when you have a good relationship with your god you serve him as expected because of the believe you have on him.

Your hope is built on him, you know without hope for a better future or better days ahead there wouldn't even be any point living at all.

Some boy and girls as tender as they may seem because of the upbringing of their guardians or parents tend to follow their way style and manner in which they eat, seat, drink and pray.

who they worship and how they communicate, taking the part of christianity as it affects your relationship: christianity when practiced properly as a lot of positive effects on your relationship with everyone.

You as a bible believer you know the rules and the regulations, you know what has been commanded in the bible, and when you follow them because of the fear of God in whom you believe you tend to abstain from sex and other related intercourse as the case maybe.

Because what you believe is against it, it reduces the number of prostitute and keeps a girl chastised and pure till she attain the age of marriage and then she will be given to her husband in marriage.

Believes and accessions

Without these believes and God this world will turn out to be a miserable place with people been extra wicked and others causing harm to inferior ones heartlessly.

so what ever it might turn out to that you believe in, make sure its for the very best, and with what I know there is no religion or god that permits his followers to harm others to please him.

So if you in that aspect then you are misleading yourself, my best friend is a muslim and oh you need to see him, his most kind gentle he respect other peoples religion and his very intelligent I couldn't have ask for a better friend

we've been together for the past 12 years now and we still together so I detest and object the people who speak bad about their other religions around, it doesn't work that way and that's not the bone of contention.

The most important thing is that let your believe strengthen the bond between the people you relate with, if you are undergoing courtship, then let it be to the best of your power do all things diligently.

Don't spoil other peoples daughter and run when its time for you to claim the responsibility of your actions, and girls don't have the notion that you can just use any guy you want for what you want and when you are done with that you just leave.

It doesn't have to be this way and its not written in any of your book that you should be hostile or heartless when it comes to other people be an example every relationship and aspiring lovers will look to.

contribute your own quota to that relationship and don't be a cheat because if you are one by and by as time goes on you'll end up cheating your own selves.

If you are in a relationship and find yourself in a situation you can hardly come out from seek for help from those that have plied that way before and are more experience and think the things through before you take actions you'll regret.

A good relationship with your god serves as a fence to thing you can do and things you can't it helps one maintain the balance and eventually comes with the package of a happy ending.

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