13 May, 2013


There are so many ways to keep a man glued at arms length in a relationship without undergoing much stress and fights from other interested ladies that waiting for the possible available way to get you off the radar.

If you can apply these methods you'll be at the smiling end, they are: don't frustrate your man with the list of your to-do problems you want him to solve, give the young man some time be patient with him when he doesn't have enough cash to spend on you.

Try as much as possible to be very tidy, keep yourself and your environment clean maybe to the level you feel he'll be loving.

Don't suffocate yourself with too much odor, you might find it funny or amusing that I said odor but its the truth when you apply too much perfume just because you want to smell nice that will make the whole air stuffy and he'll be running from you.

When he does every little thing thank him for that, and don't forget that he's your husband or boyfriend which ever it is, don't turn him into your errand boy, a little at a time he knows about his responsibilities and will surely fulfill them.

Another formula is the way you react when he comes back from work and begins to shout at you, two wrongs will never make a right so when he does that just try as hard as you can to keep your calm.

When he's done yelling you can now talk about what went down earlier, with that action and the mini silent treatment you've been able to stop a fight and have saved your relationship from crashing because of the wisdom you where able to apply.

Don't allow little things to irritate you so easily, guys hate girls that nag and complain about virtually everything, else you would be asking for trouble because when he decides to reciprocate better be ready because you caused it yourself.

Its not good when you discuss with friends and family members or just your good relation that you begin to talk bad about him, don't do that, it may get to his ears and when he knows it originated from you it might just suddenly change the way he behaves towards you.

Be an ideal wife and if you've not gotten to that level yet then you try been an ideal lover, use your time wisely be available when you are missed and he request your presence.

Just think about it when you give him what he wants then there is no need in him going outside to look for it, try your best, you are a woman and you know a good husband or a husband material when you see one.

and if you don't know read more on my articles to see how to recognize a husband material whenever and where ever you come across one.

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