22 May, 2013

He wants space? Now what!

You might be stunned by your boy friend recently, he's a guy you really love so much and care a lot about but to your amazement one particular morning he just called you that he wants space, hmm I know how you feel I've witness a few scene and have read some books two by great authors like kristina marchant.

Maybe you really didn't have a serious quarrel or any fight at all, but all of a sudden from no where he just decide to call you up, that he needs space, that will catch you off guard, something you really wasn't expecting it will be shocking and sure destabilize you, all manner of questions will run through your mind all starting with the prefix why? You might seek for answers and never find.

Here is out to go about it so that you wouldn't be ridiculed and made jest of, time for you to put your relationship life together, he said he wants space isn't it? You'll have to give him that space, if your partner is adamant in decision making be the mature one and respect his wishes let him have his way but don't you ever keep silent and at the same time don't try stopping him.

Just clear your mind and tell him how you feel, don't hide the way you feel if you angry about the whole thing show him because when he made that statement he also wants to see the hold you have on the relationship and how much you value it, here is a trick when he comes to you and says he needs space act like you don't really care.

Don't get me wrong like just be furious about the whole thing show him how disappointment and angry you are towards what he wants but don't beg him to stay and don't force him to leave just seat on the fence and just watch him make his own decision he'll know that you an independent lady and you can actually live without him.

Its not that you rely on him for everything and he's actually playing a role in your life you can't get any other guy for, when he sees that he'll actually think well before making a decision and even when he does leave believe me he'll b back in the next minute.

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