22 May, 2013

Interesting facts to note about dating

Relationships is not new to you, some ways some how you find yourself loving somebody and all you want to know is how you can't exist or leave a day without her, but also there are interesting facts to note about dating.

These is how it works a man is attracted to a girl and always carried away by what he sees physically, you must have read about our article "love at first sight" yes that's the situation here, these happens to the guys most especially and if it happens at all in the world of girls will only be on rare occasions.

So invariably we can say love at first sight exist only in the world of the guys, guys at a glance will fall in love with a girl but in the case of the girl it'll take time before she'll really fall totally, her own process of falling in love is a gradual process.

Another secret you need to know about dating is how you fall in love and fall into a relationship I advice you take the route of the girls falling in love has to be some gradual not drastic, take time to first like your partner then don't jump any step.

Start loving and developing lovely feelings for your partner because every relationship rushed into maybe because of the way you so desperate in searching for a soul mate you end up rushing things that might hurt on the long run just take a step at a time there is no need to rush.

Don't appear too cheap to your partner if not they wouldn't realize your worth.

When going on a date or already in a date with someone you fancy, falling in love or making him/her fall for you can be as simple as A.B.C, use the secret weapon of touch, when you hang out together or when you walk find away and make sure you make contact with your partner.

That's why we see friends or close associates of opposite sex falling in love for each other because they play a lot and most time they do they either hold hands or just do things that has to do with making contact with each other.

That will make your date work out if you employ these method and you'll be leading a very happy relationship that entails all your innermost desires.

Here is another fact about relationship: people who are in love and do love their partners for real are much more happier than those that are single and likewise those that are single are much more happier than those that have a partner and are in a relationship with issues and misunderstandings.

Love bring us pain at some point and at other times the experience might just be so thrilling and don't always expect happy days all through out your relationship because it might not be always rosy and there will be time when your love will have to be tested.

So when on a date and you so happy falling in love so as not to have a heart trouble or go insane, have it at the back of your mind that a relationship that's set up now, sweet and calm might be full of storm you have to be able to waver.

By that you'll have made preparations to tackle incident like these when they occur in future, these are all facts you should know and note before involving in a date and possible relationship, look before you leap and when leaping keep looking, I hope this article was helpful and if you apply it to your relationship life you'll be at the smiling side.

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