21 May, 2013

How to give space in a relationship

Love can be very tricky at times, it drives us really close to our lover and at other time you'll just want to be left alone, you must have experience that before in your relationship because it happens to virtually everybody.

Knowing how to give space in a relationship that will balance the time you seriously feel the urge to be with your partner and the time you want to have your privacy and be alone.

In the time past the things you remembered, moments of joy you still cherish are the ones you had with your lover, parents or just friends and remembering them just makes you happy especially now that you've found the right partner.

And every thing seems to be working perfectly well for you barely can you stay an hour without seeing your lover, that's a good thing though but too much of everything is bad as much as togetherness strengthens relationship.

There are time you need to go and experience some things differently then come back and share it with your partner.

Make sure there is time for everything and sometimes the worth of a relationship is not easily realized until one of the partner goes on a tripe and the absence felt by the other.

Some will say you don't realize the worth of something till you loose it, that's just almost the same way it is in a relationship only that you don't loose your partner because you are trying to give space or a break to that relationship, that's not what we meant by giving space.

Relationship needs space to grow, even if its just for some few minutes let there be that space, where your partner can reason with their own life and do things all by themselves, must people love to be independent and even sometimes your partner might not say it directly but they might be craving for space.

That's why when arguments break open, you'll hear words like give me a break, please I need to be alone, I need a space, at that point it already seem choking to the other partner especially when you are not yet married but yet you leave together, of cause it makes you close but do also it could act as a catalyst in tearing you guys apart.

In relationship like that any sign of a little misunderstanding what partner do ask for space or time to be alone because they've seen too much of themselves and have taken each other for granted so they want to stay far from each other to see how that works out.

Because surely you'll be missed, talked about, imagined, and your value will dawn on your partner and they'll realize how luck they are to have you in their life.

Make sure its equal don't give too much space that will tear your relationship apart, remember when you were both single, you both have sacrificed your single life and your privacy for the relationship so I can say there is no privacy in a relationship but a little bit of time with your own self alone.

Since your partner is not physically attached to your skin wouldn't cause any harm, instead it makes your relationship grow towards the right direction you intend it to grow.

I hope this article met your need if it didn't then you have to check more on our other articles to help build the relationship of your dreams.

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