21 May, 2013

Fixing a relationship

Relationship is just like our health we might not be always healthy, there might be time in which we have to attend to our headache or just take a break so as not to break down, but whatever the case might be we never remain in that condition we take drugs and we are back on our feet, that should also happen in our relationship if its tearing apart we need to find a way of fixing back.

With a little bit of love, kindness and understanding a broken relationship can always be fixed, we just need to know wear its breaking form and understand the imperfection of man.

Yours might have gone a bit far in terms of breaking but if you still care about your relationship and you are willing to save your relationship then its very easy.

Don't be the judge of your relationship people make mistakes, almost every time, no one is perfect we are just walking towards it, a friend of mine said we should at all means strive to be perfect so that in our chase for perfection we may catch up with excellence.

That's how it work out, you must also have heard of this saying that says to err is human and to forgive is divine, yes its worth it, we are not angels for crying out loud so if you must fix up your relationship that's breaking apart or is broken already.

Then you'll need to learn how to forgive and forget, especially the ladies they know how to forgive but they never forget, they keep talking and making reference about the things that have gone by now.

The very moment you invite a third part into your relationship life, that day your relationship begin to fall apart, a little at a time, learn from the mistake of others, its very bad of you to share your secrets, wishes, feelings with another person other than your partner.

If there is someone who should really know a lot about you then it should be your partner a relationship that's fixable should be void of secrets, share not just your lovely moment but times when things are bad.

Survive hardship together and when next you have a disagreement and the relationship looks like its going to collapse just remember of the more difficult time you were able to scale through and build your hope from that.

Another thing is been really meshed together and really fitting in, if you want to know how to fix a relationship then you have to check to what extent you and your partner really go on well, the things you both love doing and the things you don't like.

What might be tearing your relationship apart can be the kind of things he love doing you don't like them, you may have your differences and he might have his too, all the same that might be the reason why you no longer compatible.

When he should be watching football is the time you always come visiting if you are not yet married, and if you are married, that's the time you normally want him to pick one or two things from you supermarket, he may end up not doing it and you really feel bad.

You start accusing him of not loving you as he said before, take to your partner about your differences and find away to merging the two together even if its not going to really be perfectly join together but majority what you want to do or like should also be what he wants.

To fix a relationship there is another point to note: there are certain situations that will warrant a partner to bend for the other, somebody just have to bend so that the other will be happy, everyone wants a happy relationship and everyone has his role and an important aspect to be part of.

It shouldn't be always straight because of the love you have for your partner as a guy you can sacrifice your football sometimes just to be with your partner and as a lady evenings like this you love reading your novels and don't tolerate disturbance when you were single and you also adopting that way of life in your relationship.

It wouldn't sound bad if you shift your novel time table to another time, maybe when he'll not be home and just spend that free evening together.

You break down or cut the edge in your standards and your other half (partner) also does that for you in order for you fit perfectly in and lead a happy relationship on the long run.

Growth to every living thing is as important as the word "growth" when a living thing is stagnant and refuses to grow after a little more time it begins to die, that's also applicable in your relationship, it has to be growing, you live together so growing together wouldn't be hard.

Your relationship shouldn't be at the level it was 3 years ago when it started there are some things that easily cause arguments and disagreement back then that should raise its ugly head in your relationship, watch it because any time your relationship refuse to grow then its preparing to start dying and falling apart.

try as much as possible to put these tips into practice and then watch the effect on your relationship, you are in the right place and the health of your relationship is our concern, a step at a time in fixing that relationship and try to always have patience if the results are not coming speedily as expected.

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