07 May, 2013


Let's have a ride into the heart of girls, the act of seduction comes in many forms and the type we are considering now is how you can make her feel the urge to be with you just by asking her some dirty questions, first you must have been friends with her before you start up these kind of rough play,sex is what every boy or girl look up to as a end result for every relationship and if you are so eager in getting one then these is what to do:

Ask her if she is the only one around now, I normally do that and it works like the magic in merlin, she'll begin to wonder what she can do alone and what you both could do together if you were to be with her, ask these questions at night when she's done with either her school work or back from the office as the case maybe.

Also ask her question like are you the only one at home and when she replies that its just her then you proceed further by telling her that you wished she could be in your arms now, what you are trying to do is create an imagination in her mind of both of you together having a really good time.

Tell her this, hope you don't romance your self when you lie in bed, she'll tell you that she is not a lesbian, then you ask her what she is, and tell her you also no gay and can handle such if given the opportunity.

Ask her about what she is putting on right now especially when she is in bed, sometimes she'll hesitate like try to scare you off that its non of your business just trying to make it feel like she doesn't fall for everything but when you push further she'll open up because she is also enjoying the conversation.

Ask her about the color and tell her you wish you where around her to really see how beautiful and cute she looks.

Get her talking about things that are sexy, like has a guy ever touched your boobs mistakenly, like have you ever been in a situation where you feel like lying on the chest of that masculine guy you tripped for.

If she responds positively then tell her how you wish you where that guy and try site an example but don't use yourself use somebody else that really exist or that you just coined out of nowhere.

Let her open up to you now, ask her if she can make love to a guy just because she feels horny and she needs it very badly, sometimes you can act naughty by asking her if she was given the opportunity to see a guy naked from his waist downwards what part she'll love to see first.

Ask her that between briefs and boxers which is the type she prefers most for a guy to put on and which ever one it is that she picks tell her that's what you love most and that's what you are putting on.

What's the best way to make a guy want to have sex with you, tell her to answer that question for you, she will be so excited that she might even end up telling how good she is on bed and what she can do to a guy in bed.

If there's a place a guy can touch you that will make you wet, where can that be if you where to be that girl once she opens up to answering you truthfully then she is sexually aroused already.

Let her know that you are very inquisitive and will like to know if a full massage of a girl can make her wet, she'll definitely answer by even using herself as an example then you know she is already wet.

Ask her if you mistakenly kissed her that will she be offended and that if she didn't have a boy friend and you where available that will it be ever possible you guys date and lastly ask her if she has an opportunity that a guy was willing to come and do all that to her will she willingly accept it.

Be ready because you'll get the big yes and don't ask her the last question except if you are prepared to go and satisfy her desires.

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