08 May, 2013


You must be wondering why on earth do you have to go through the stress of sticking to just a person for the rest of your life when you can be single and free or just mingle when you choose to and stay single at your own volition.

Looking at it from the perspective of the world there is absolutely no reason why you should go true that kind of life long commitment because of the increasing number of broken home and families all around the society.

Just like any other thing you've tried before when you where growing up for the first time that's how marriage look like at the beginning you get scared, you think about things you'll have to stop and things you'll start doing now.

Also like preparing for an examination or an interview in like manner sound preparations are necessary when you planning for your marriage, you'll have to be mentally, emotionally, and financially ready especially if you are the man.

Major reason why you should get married and have a happy married life

Marriage is a thing of commitment and going into marriage means you must be ready to be commit your self and everything you have into it to make it work, its every girls dream that her relationship with her boyfriend ends up in marriage.

Changes are bound to occur and since you've grown up to these extent there are some thing you do when you where little that seems so awkward to you now, that's a sign that you are evolving into something else now and just like your parent its high time you have your own set of children and get a good wife/husband.

Observations from what we see everyday even when there are people who tried and fail all point to the fact that marriage is not something that started over the night its been practiced long even before you where born and its a necessity for life to continue.

Though been single has its benefit but the thought of you being single for the rest of your life makes it very boring, everyone needs somebody, we are social creatures that's why sometimes we wish we had somebody to share both our joy and time of pain together, these are reasons why marriage is so important.

If you been in that relationship for quite some times now and its very serious, and you both love yourself so much that its hard these days to separate one from the other then its perfect timing for you guys to marry and settle down.

Another point to note is that when you are ready to marry you'll just feel that urge and attraction towards little children and even you yourself will fall in love with babies, you'll love to be around them and you'll love to hold them and play with them.

These world is filled with people who even though live in the same society still mind their individual business, and care about only the things that concerns them but having the thought of someone at home that loves you, calls you when you fail to return back home on time, and see things exactly the way you see things.

Brings joy and happiness to the our lives and these can only be achieved when you tie up the nut with a wedding ring at the altar or which ever place you do the joining.

Growing and aging with someone who loves you, your once missing rib and a comforter from the youthful age you are before you marry and down till when you start having grand children that's the kind of life every man and woman desire at the end of his/her education, building of houses, acquiring wealth for complete happiness.

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