06 May, 2013


First date are very important because the impression it usually creates last for long, and in case you just wondering how best to behave since you've been invited on a date and you don't want to mess things up here are what you do to show your class:

Some girls have body odor which is very bad and it turns guys off even before any conversation because smell doesn't need a voice before it could be heard, so if you must make him fall, then you have to smell really nice, there are a lot of perfumes and body spray in which you could apply and make the whole atmosphere engulf with your saint.

Find away to also make him hold your hands and when he does let him feel your soft palm, that will make him long to hold your hands often times, if you don't have a soft hand you girls know your way there are series of cream that can moisture your hands and make them look tender like that of a baby.

Listen to him when he speaks but that doesn't mean you should be at the answering end, try and ask him questions too, show that you are really interested in the discussion, make him feel like his having a good time with you and he'll always remember you are fun to be with that will trip him.

Its a first date don't start correcting him and telling him things he did wrong, you don't like the taste of these eatery, you don't eat these kind of food, all these complains will bore him off, you can point all these and that you observe later run but for now you'll just seat back, relax and allow him have to have the day.

He may make mistake but you just over look it, and when he does something you just compliment him, make him cool down, and you'll have to realy dress for the occasion, there is a way a dress will cover your nakedness and you'll still look very sexy.

Remember you want him to fall for you, so when you asked what you want even if you know he can afford it don't go and other something that will make him broke after paying for, if not he wouldn't invite you for another date because you'll be too expensive for him to manage.

When the date is over and his about going, you ask about the next time you can meet again, these will give him the impression that you really enjoyed yourself and you giving him a sign that you have feeling for him and when you guys are about to part ways if you can kiss him good bye, hmm you would have won the biggest battle on a date and his yours already because he'll definitely com back for more, make sure your boobs even if its for a second crush him on the chest, and then walk majestically back home.

Another thing is no matter how handsome the guy is and no matter how quickly you guys where able to blend and you desire him fight that urge if its coming to you don't try to use sex as a weapon to make him love, don't have sex on your first date, it makes you look like a slut to him and since it wasn't difficult getting sex from you it wouldn't be a difficult thing too when he is ready to dump you.

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