30 April, 2013


What the guys think girls want from them makes them very nervous and sad and likewise what the girls think of the guy is some worth frustrating too, for example the girls will say he's just after my body all he wants from me is just to sleep with me and go and you might also hear these from the guys that she is just after my money that's all she wants am not disputing the possibility of that but in most cases that's not want the female folks are really after.

What gives me concern is that it shouldn't be these way let us pause a little and remember we are humans and we both want the same thing regardless of the sex its just a minor differences between what the girl desires and what the guy desires, well some might still doubt me but that's just the gospel truth.

Good communication is on the most important for the guys, when the guys ask question they want a girl or their girl to answer them with all sincerity and some times provide information when the discussion is going on.

If you are the understanding type you earn a lot of grade from your man, a man want a woman who is also good in bed, ladies are those that usually say they want a man good in bed they don't think about want the guy wants too, guys want a woman that's so romantic he wouldn't need to be double dating because if you don't satisfy he's desires when he sees someone else that is ready to do that for him you automatically become history.

At times its hard to read the men but when you listen to them talk, they'll tell you they want a woman that will be like a home to them that they could relax back after work and rest peacefully, a woman who can provide food on the table and mind you not just any food but a delicious meal, put water for him to bathe before and after work and if its just base on you stay in your own apartment and he is in his own residence, then you pay him visit as often as you can.

We the guys we love being in charge and once you begin to dictate for him he gradually start disliking you, don't embarrass him in public, take good care of your man and he'll be loving you for all eternity, and every girl will envy you.

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