30 April, 2013


from the researches I have made the best time in every relationship to have sex is when you are with your husband or wife as the case maybe, it doesn't speak well of you on a date that is not even two weeks old to already be having sex though you'll both enjoy it but to the guy when he reflects on the whole issue he'll have these kind of picture in his head that you are a slot and can sleep with any other person just like you did with him.

We the guys we see such girls as a cheap commodity so before you guys go into the bed room try arrange the sitting room of your relationship I always emphasis these, get talking! Open up your hearts to each other maybe she isn't ready or just scared as a result of things she must have heard from friends, parents, over the radio, on the television, life is too simple.

Apply that to your relationship in the aspect of 'when is the right time to have sex in a relationship' take a deep breathe and just take things easy, don't put unnecessary pressure on her take it easy so as not to scare her away don't assume anything, and don't do it and say I did it because I thought my partner needed it.

Sex is a very special package that was intended to be opened after wedlock but we the youth today we want everything now, they'll tell you there is no time, so that's why these counsel is very important if you must have sex in a relationship then the relationship has to be matured like serious engagement then and only then can you use sex as a weapon to be more intimate, no doubt sex does broaden the familiarity gap between partners but never should it be as a bases for love.

Sex and relationship are never the same thing, watch it some guys care for you, buy you stuffs, take you out, give you money just for them to be given the opportunity to make love to you and when they get their wishes they zoom off, or gradually reduce the way they handle matters that concern you, they no longer have your time and you'll be at the loosing end, if you try complaining he'll tell you to leave if you fed up because he knows he's tasted it all.

When you delay the sex it gives you time to really know the kind of person you are dating, he's likes and his dislikes and even if he was pretending to love you hopefully thinking he'll take you to bed and just leave, when you don't have the sex early in the relationship he will begin to love you and he might come back to his senses and stop pressuring you.

Its ok to wait for the right time, if not if you hurry into it, you may end up blaming your self, you'll feel hurt, and most time guilty conscience and so many sexually transmitted disease are out there with some having no cure, its yours and it will always be something that you'll get tired of soon when the time is really ripe, most students I mean the guys have long way to go in their educational career that's a sign that they are not ready.

You as a lady you don't even have any Bachelor of science degree yet and you want to indulge in sex, what will you tell that child that doesn't have a father you gave birth to as a result of the way you run your life back in school, or what will you tell your suitor when he comes to ask for your hand in marriage only for him to discover you can get pregnant again due to the numerous abortions you committed way back in school.

these are questions you should reflect on and once you weigh the consequence of your action if you take the wrong step then you'll be the one to tell me when its right to have sex in a relationship when we meet.

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