16 May, 2013


Marriages after some many months and years becomes something very normal to the couple, but as a far as a good married life is concern it as to be romantic in every aspect.

It doesn't have to be on you touch your partner before you can feel the spirit of romance flowing through you, when you were still in a relationship before wedlock there are series of romantic things you did to appreciate the efforts of your lover.

Now that you fully married maybe you thought it wasn't necessary but to keep the bond between your marriage life strong that bond needs to be rekindled.

Ways to rekindle romance in marriage

Set achievable goals to be always closer to your partner, like I said earlier been more romantic goes far beyond touching and holding your partner.

Holding and feeling her/his body is just the final act in romance and for you to get there you just have first practice the non touching therapy first before jumping on her.

Say cool words about how you love her, guys love hearing about the secrets of girls, you can share your past life your visions and your plans with your man he'll feel updated and when he can see you transparently then nothing stops him from giving you the romance and excitement you wish for in that union.

Have always made mention of the importance of communication in every relationship but speaking of marriage now its time to advance because we are in a more advance level now (marriage).

When you communicate with her try spicing it up with a bit of holding and touching, it doesn't have to be when you want to make love to her that you'll touch her.

Do it like every time you talk to her find a way of holding her if possible before you go separate ways try giving her a warm hug and any other way you feel really appropriate in the public.

Another thing is been very neat and smart, when you hair is properly styled and you wear neat dress that fits your skin and brings out a beautiful queen in you.

when your man sees you he'll feel happy he'll be drawn towards you, guys love to look at every given thing they could lay their eyes on so give them what to look.

Make sure you always cautious of your dressing don't say now am married and I don't expect anyone to approach me since have gotten what I want you might be right but been married shouldn't change the beautiful looks you had then.

Make sure its befitting and okay to be taken out to any where in case he shows up and tell you that he wants you to accompany him to somewhere, don't fake it make it a habit to always dress well.

Create time for yourselves its not always that your friends will come visiting make sure you create enough time for you and your husband alone.

Some things are easily said when you are alone than when we have a full house of extended brothers and sisters, privacy is a key factor in matrimonial homes, and if you are married with kids that shouldn't deter you, space yourself, take your wife alone outside to somewhere very relaxing make her feel loved.

When you walk with her by the road hold her hand, put your hands around her shoulder and make her feel comfortable around you, that's romantic.

Play like a child sometimes that's the way you should act even after marriage, play like a child and laugh out loud, enjoy the moments, all work without play hasn't change in making jack a dull boy.

Do everything to make sure there's a lot of fun in your relationship.

With time your marriage will get on really well if you endeavor to play by this rule when its working you'll really feel the romance lurking round your matrimonial home.

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