07 May, 2013


You might be single and seriously craving for attention or you just want to enjoy the pleasure of seducing a man who is not yours, well for the ladies I must say its a weapon that if properly used can be for uttermost benefit to you girls all you need do is to be able to control it properly and effectively.

When ever you walk by or see him around, try to find a way to gain his attention and when you do that make contact with his eyes stylishly, don't make it too obvious that you are looking at him just make seem as if you stumble at his face, these will make him check himself and pick interest in you the very moment you shift your gaze.

The act of smiling its like a universal solvent it work magic in every aspect and its not left out in these part of seducing a man, when you make eye contact with him you can garnish it up with a smile, we the guys are attracted to happy faces and your smile can just set pace for everything, when a guy looks at you before he makes any comment or after making one or two he looks at your facial expression, and when he doesn't see any sign of danger or annoyance he proceeds further.

In the middle of a conversation try as much as possible to playfully touch him, hold his hands, tap him at the back, say words that entails romance like a hint and just stop he'll long for you to continue the conversation and when you are in a vehicle or just seating together allow your body to touch his own, especially your feet let it touch him slightly and just pretend you don't know what is going on, he'll feel the touch and he'll be longing for more.

Make suggestions about going to the club or an outing where you both get on the dance floor and dance he would not resist your shape as a woman is unique and even without saying a word its captivating already, dance with him and make sure your butts and boobs scrub against him whichever way you know best to dance and he won't be able to resist you.

Not all guys expose their bodies and have attention but the ladies that's a gift from the heavens when you wear tight fitting dress and skirts and expose a little of the sexy parts of your body couple with the way you walk, talk and smell whenever his in sight he'll do anything to have you as his own, most men are carried away by what they see so you'll be using that as an advantage on your man you want to seduce.

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