07 May, 2013


Girls feel its okay to talk to your man and in talking ask him questions just to check if he still retains his love for you, communication is necessary no doubt but these act for the ladies seem cool in their eyes but to the guys it really hurt them.

Some might react to them immediately while others will just fake a smile answer them and if you still continue asking it might lead to some you yourself will not like.

Men hate to be asked silly questions like you asking your boyfriend, that what if am involved in terrible accident and I loose a hand in the process will you still love me like you do before?

Well mere looking at these question it does look disastrous but when you ask the guys its like explosive in their mind.

Another thing is pestering your boyfriend about what he likes about you, if you try these observe he's reaction he wouldn't want to say anything.

The fact is that he hates all these question and you might even draw his attention and he'll begin to ask himself what is it he likes about you, and if you now appear worthless and he can't hold on to something tangible then you might be on your way out. Other questions like the previous ones ladies ask men that they find hurtful are will you marry or date somebody else if something happens and I happen to be dead?

Why on earth will you ask these type of a question, or you ask him what he'll do to you if he catches you cheating on him, these will make him have these feeling that you plan on cheating.

You might be breaking the trust he has in you even if you don't have the intention of cheating on him these questions you ask will make it seem as though you wanted to cheat on him with the next available opportunity.

Listed below are other provocative questions girls ask their man and please take not of them and don't go and act same as them:

1. If a party is hosted for me in a romantic evening will you leave me there and go attend a meeting somewhere?

2. Let's say your ex girl friend comes by now will you leave follow her and leave me at her sight?

3. When we get married and her in our matrimonial home can you give me almost everything when you paid your salary so I can take better care of the home?

4. How can you measure your love for me? How much do I worth in your eyes?

Avoid these pit holes and lead a healthy relationship life.

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