16 May, 2013


Relationship is a beautiful thing and a wonderful experience each and everyone of us has to feel at a particular point in time, it gets beautiful and exiting when it just gets started the both partners feel they are on top of the world but when time pass and things begin to look like its constant at the point in time your relationship can gets really boring.

Try search your minds and reins check yourself thoroughly and know what makes you bored in that relationship and if you are able to achieve that then curbing it wouldn't be such a big deal.

In some cases boredom comes from the fact that the relationship is no longer interesting its lost its taste and its your duty to find it back.

Try do something more fun, try new ways of hanging out with each other change the venue of where you normally hang out that may return the spark.

People do fall carelessly and that brings about a boring relationship on the long run before you fall watch it, don't fall for the wrong reasons of every girl should take precaution.

Don't fall in love with her because of her curves well that's a great point of consideration but that shouldn't be the basis why you love her.

Don't be in a hurry as a girl play your hard to get well, take your time really observe him before taking any giant step.

Some lovers what makes them bored in a relationship is when either the guy or the girl have this feeling that she/he deserve a lot more better than she has now.

She might see her friends boyfriends and when she thinks about hers, she feels terribly bad knowing fully well that her own boy friend cant provide all her needs.

Likewise the guy if you feel she's not as pretty as others and you consider yourself too handsome for her then the only way of saving the day from you experiencing boredom is when you move ahead.

You'll have to leave that relationship or be contended with what you have and accept her for who she is, then cancel every thought of you placing some other girls somewhere above your own partner.

We've said it before and we are still saying it, secrets or been reserved to yourself in a relationship is already boring.

She should know how feel about her and he should know want you want, communication is very necessary don't put your partner in the dark.

When you feel like you just like somebody else or find it so easy to relate matters and tell them about anything you like and you find it hard to relate that to your partner then you have a problem.

She's your soul mate and your other half, if you can't talk to her that's boring already imagine you getting up from the bed and just saying hi to your lover then you walk to the bathroom shower and just leave for work.

When you get back you just do your thing and talk about office, football or business, you don't seem to care about what she's got to say to you and every girl likes to talk.

She will want to spend time with you and tell you stuffs that really border her but when you make the communication gap between the both of you that lengthen how will your relationship not be boring.

I actually do this, when you feel bored with your love life and don't really know what to do and where else to turn to, at that point its best to turn to yourself.

Thinking can be fun if the contents are on special memories especially those spent with loved ones, you'll just start smiling at yourself and that can serve as a tie between you and your lover.

You wouldn't want to loose the best you ever had all those interesting and exciting moments with that will bring back the fire in your relationship.

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