30 April, 2013


Hey girls let's have a chip chat, he likes you, you guys do talk right? But you are confuse as to which direction your friendship is turning in to, well luckily that's just what I was about to say, when a guy is interested in you as to setting up a serious relationship with you, no matter his broke status he'll still find cash to spend on you, visit you and more so call u often times, when you not around you'll be the topic of discussion among his friends, he'll be so eager in introducing you to his friends also he'll go as far as to introduce you to his family members.

When you talk he's ready to listen to what ever you have to say even if you are not making sense, a guy that is interested in a relationship with a girl won't lie to her for what ever reason in the world, when you are around him he makes you feel like you are in your own house, you'll notice from the way he talks when he make reference to the both of you in the future, its a light thing but it does matter these are give-away signs you should watch out for that can give you the assurance that you've found your man.

Believe it or not nobody likes second hand product so avoid making your self a slot in order for him not to consider you as a wore and just eat what he has to eat and leave the place, if he really values your friendship and wants to push further in setting a nest with you in a relationship he will not use you, if you talk to him that you have to wait for the right time before having sex he'll understand.

Not all guys are bad so stop going around with the impression that all guys are the same, how did you know that, maybe because of what you heard from your friends who took the wrong bend and found themselves in some really tight corner that shouldn't be your own story line too, you'll have to help your man in building that relationship if you want maximum yield, the fact that there are few bad eggs in the basket doesn't make the whole pack all bad.

Finally when a guy is ready to seriously be talking about marriage plans with you, he begins to love you more till it transforms into action and that action into a form in which strangers can evidently see, he respects you like you are his mother and takes advice from you, when you see all these beginning to come to pass know that the hour is near, all you need do from your own end is just to get your wedding gown ready.

Also don't forget the other rules apply them to your relationship and you'll be surprise by what you'll get.

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