13 May, 2013


Jealousy is a very vital issue that have in the past set so many relationships ablaze, and some people even go to the extent of killing

others because they feel threatened by somebody outside their relationship that's about to snatch their position in the guy or the lady.

Its not when you want somebody else wife or when you wish the girl friend of your friend was yours that's been covetous and I call it envy.

Been jealous is a different ball game entirely although some people do feel the mixture of these two at the same time.

How to control jealousy

Jealousy its a very deadly weapon of mass destruction when it comes to relationships, firstly, try and know why you are jealous search yourself at times.

What makes a person jealous is when she feels in the next minute she is going to be abandon and when these happens just know that the element of trust is lacking and now you've paved way for fear.

These new stranger that has come to stay in your mind because you allow it will dictate how you talk, react to issues especially when it concerns the person in question, look inward and from there discourage yourself from being jealous.

Its a bad omen it instigates unwanted hatred for the other person and make you see them like hawks ready to snatch away your boy/girl friend.

The consequence these have on your relationship is that it becomes more difficult to trust the other party and a relationship without trust is a child's play, it wouldn't last long because trust is driven out by jealousy.

See jealousy from other peoples perspective, in other for you to place these little thing called jealousy in check, you have to be considerate just imagine how you'll react if you were to be in their shoe.

All the feeling of insecurity to evaporate if you need reassurance get that from your man, if he loves you that much he'll reassure you even without you asking because like I told you earlier its not every question that you can ask your woman in my other article.

Learn the heart of love and trust control your anger and feelings channel them properly, you have the ability to keep your man to yourself and to you alone instead of concentrating about being jealous of your neighbors why don't you just 4get about every other person and be yourself.

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