15 May, 2013


Light is literally referred to something glaring and clear so distinct that it could not go hidden or be covered just like that so is also the reverse which is darkness.

bad things are carried out at night, witches and wizards are known for their evil works at night, arm robbers oppress the high way at night and all other bad things you know about.

In these context we are talking about secrets, which every living human has one or two, they are produced and manufactured almost every time.

something might just happen now and you keep it from others, when you do that you've made that thing a secret.

Speaking of dark secrets its something you keep away from others and almost in all cases its very bad stuffs we refer to as bad or dark.

these are experiences in the past that if made known in the present might have an effect so therefore who ever has it tends to keep it hidden from the world for life.

Dark secrets in a relationship is not a good idea, if as a guy you've really messed your youthful days up, then you need to find away of letting the cats out of the bad if you want to marry.

Maybe you've been in a relationship with a lady before and she got pregnant for you, gave birth and you have a son/daughter out there.

Now going into another relationship its not compulsory you expose every bad thing you did then the only time when its necessary is when the relationship is proceeding to the next level like you intend to marry her.

Just like we see in the movies, don't wait for her to find out herself that will seriously open the floor for a great battle and might even lead to divorce.

let her know about it call her stylishly and with maturity and break it to her and if you don't have enough strength to do that then carry somebody elderly that can help you calm her down should she heat up.

If you really love her you wouldn't find it hard or disgusting to say, telling her all these will clear your mind and save you so much trouble in the future.

Although there are things that are not necessary you say, its your past and burying the past is important in order for one to forge ahead.

Guys don't have much secrets other than impregnating one or two girls when they were growing up, or stealing from friends and neighbors, now that we have gay maybe a few of them have gay mate and he's the type that swing both ways.

If he's really a bad boy and a tough one maybe he might have killed somebody before, now he's turn a new leaf, though these things are really bad but his a changed person now and that doesn't affect your current relationship.

Let's take a look into the world of girls, hmmm they probably wouldn't want me to talk but I have to since have crucified the guys already which I happen to be one let's talk about the dark secrets of a girl, Girls girls girls!

They are dynamic creatures and everything about them even their dark secrets ends with special, some examples of secrets girls keep are especially those that are related with their relationship.

Considering the numbers of traffic they had when they were teenagers and still fresh growing up, how guys flock around them, the got involve in one or two relationship from the highest bidder.

Maybe alas it didn't end the way they wanted when they enter into a new relationship they tend to bury that secret at the bottom of their hearts, they don't want anyone to know about it.

In some cases the lady due to the countless number of times she has committed abortion has in the process ruptured her womb.

She gets into a new relationship keeps that secret for a very long time eventually if not exposed might lead the guy into some problems of child birth, she can no longer conceive and she didn't tell it to her man because of the fear of been abandon and dumbed.

That's the more reason why they keep it secret, thinking if he knew how many men I've slept with in the past he might not show me this amount of love he does now or might probably throw me out of his apartment.

So the best thing to do his keep that and act like a complete angel so he could love me beyond every doubt and marry me eventually, some were raped when they were growing up.

That might be her own deep dark secret, well that's okay to keep and must be shared to only somebody understanding and mature.

Why people generally keep secrets is that when it comes to the ears of the world, they may not have the privilege of walking freely without been pointed accusing fingers.

Others wouldn't want to disappoint their man or woman or somebody very superior who is counting on them.

Back to dark secrets in relationship its proven and ascertained that every relationship that the man seats down and the woman also pouring down their past without holding anything back tends to grow or last longer than those with dark past that are still holding on to them.

If you love him like you claim to, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to tell him everything, trust me if you do, he'll be proud of you and he'll know for sure that you really love him, and the trust bond and love bond between you too will be unbreakable.

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