11 May, 2013


Getting a girl is a very big task for boys I know, so many lack the courage to even hold her hands and if you can get a hug from a girl in those days then we feel like the biggest boys in town.

Really its not a big deal if you know how to maneuver your way,a saying goes that there are so many ways into the white house maybe you've just not found the way in yet.

Here I'll be discussing some ways with you and a critical one we are considering is by mere thinking like a lady and getting your desired girl.

You might be wondering what I mean by that but the answer is not far fetch maybe you've tried so many possible ways and yet you don't get result its good you are here and this will help you out.

Put your self in her position and in your mind imagine what she'll do if you were to be the girl and she is the guy more so considering are status and her personality is this right if you give it to her.

Will she welcome you if you not properly dressed, and a lot more instance like that, which will look so clear to you if only you looked at the situation through her eyes.

Easy does it, don't forget that take things slow with her that's what girls want slow and steady but in the course of that don't stay stagnant, reserve some for the future.

Make her curious and suspicious because you are not her boyfriend yet as a matter of fact you are not into any relationship yet so don't start asking her to marry you or go on a date with you just keep your cool.

Do things like you don't get much about her and don't call her every now and then, try to be scarce sometimes give her time to really think these through.

These are pressing matters in her heart and the way she want s her relationship to go but because you carried away with the thoughts of quickly getting her and even possibly sleeping with her you just mess everything up.

If you observe very well you know that girls don't like been straight, what I mean by that is that girls love drama that's why its hard for you to part a school girl from her novels or movies.

They love it so much, when you they where little they've acted child's play and played the roles of mothers and cooked with sands and built houses with sticks but because they've grown so big now they can't indulge in such act again.

When they begin to move with a guy in a way or two they find away of chipping those kind of dramas into their relationship.

Take for instance you ask your girl a question she knows the answer already but will try and beat around the bush firstly like she doesn't understand what you are saying and then secondly she'll give you clues to the answer she intend to give you before letting everything out to you.

So if you know these about girls and you use them on her it'll work magic, don't tell her directly that you love her, just beat around the bush, today you where smiling with so much excitement and the next day you just reserved you not saying anything or you slow in replying her.

That will draw her attention into wanting to know what the problem his and the more she gets engulfed with that thought the more she falls for you.

Before you know what time it is, days will grow into weeks and that into months and months into years and you might find yourself in a sweet and romantic relationship you less expected.

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