17 May, 2013


Keeping and having a friend we call "best" is not a bad idea but even as your best friend that doesn't mean its legal to be too opened to him/her.

Its wisdom that will make you reserve some, human beings are not to be trusted at all we've seen, read, and watched a play or show on tv that tried to portray bad ways in which friends betray their best friend.

Even brothers betray brothers not to talk of just your best friend. He may turn out to be the one who snatched your girl friend in the long run.

Everything and anything that happens between you and your girl friend you go and expose to your best friend, Gosh!

Why on earth will you do such, there should be privacy between your relationship with her and every other person out there.

Its not everything that's transpired between you and your lover you go tell to anyone that cares to listen, there should be some restriction.

He may used that against you and plan how to strike if he wants your girl and he'll succeed because you willingly gave him the plan through which he could access her with.

Another factor is when you talk too much of your best friend to your girl like telling her your best friend is the son of the president.

he's very rich and you give him much credit and waste valuable time you should have used in discussing about the good times you guys had together and way forward in your relationship don't feel offended or irritated when she picks interest in your friend and simply swap arms.

She gets more nervous around your friends and often wish she dates your friend instead of you because of the stories she's heard from you and stuffs like that.

If you are not careful you might be doing your friend some good by giving her your girl, don't leave your best friend too long in a place with your girl friend.

They'll begin to talk and may become close and if you make your best friend your assistance and see nothing wrong in your girlfriend staying together almost all day with your best friend because you have somewhere or something more important to attend to.

Then there are tendencies that if it continues these way she might just quit you over a little misunderstanding for your best friend, these things look minor but they actually matter a lot.

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