30 April, 2013


These poise a lot of threat and often times cut short a very romantic and lovely relationship, the girls although they don't confront the guys head-to-head but somewhere deep down they want to be the one who wins the last argument.

They want their own command to be attended to, they call it love but that's not it, its just the girl controlling the guy, what the guy see is love and he thinks by taking those orders from her, he is doing the right thing but obviously, he is not, people say love is blind, well I agree with that in the sense that the guy because of what he think he is feeling for the girl he begins to act like a love slave.

He might even go to the extent of doing chores for his girl, wait a minute and what about if he does chores for her? Is there anything wrong in true love, the answer is no there is nothing wrong to you but from creation some things are not just suppose to be happening, it should be the other way round the girl should be the one doing all that for her guy.

When as a guy you find yourself in these kind of a situation, then she is in charge of your relationship, some people will say its okay by me who cares about who is sailing the ship as long as its on the water and keeps moving, others because of the financial income of their wives and girl friends have been slaved by love giving the power that should have been meant for the guy in the hand of a lady.

Mind you, not all girls like to be in charge a lot of women especially teenagers prefer their men or guys to be in charge, they like the tough ones and rugged boys, though its good to be gentle but there are times when you'll have to stand up and be the man.

No matter how little you are as a guy once you are in a relationship with any woman, be it the daughter of the president of your country, take charge! else you might be heading to a very sloppy floor you might just slip and break an ankle of the long relationship you've worked so hard to build.

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