02 May, 2013


Relationship and marriage are two distinct topics we are going to look at what makes it strive despite all, marriage is a kind of institution you don't just rush inside and out once you are inside you remain indoors and since its going to be a very long journey I advice you look very well before you leap.

Its not always as we thought when we were growing up like as a girl in secondary school the kind of life she desires when she grows older she'll tell you she wants a big house flashy cars and a very rich husband, everybody nowadays wants a ready made material like an accomplished man that have everything a woman will ever need.

But if you make that as the bases for the kind of ideal man you want before going into a commitment like marriage with the person then you might be committing a very grievous mistake the problem with flashy things is that they don't always look the way they look outside when you check the interior, he has money fine he has a lot of flashy cars amazing but when you check his heart you might have found a robber for a husband or a yahoo boy.

That indulges in deceiving others to acquire wealth and he might practice that line of his business in your matrimonial home he start deceiving you probably cheat on you more often and before you know it things like these leads to broken homes, marriage is not a game to play is an institution and the only institution it was intended before that once inside always inside.

These days divorcing your man or woman is allowed originally though it was allowed but they happen only on rare occasions but in these our generation everywhere you turn to you'll at least see a handful of broken homes all around, why its because of the bad relationship the two partners have before the marriage that they over looked that's now showing its ugly head after the marriage.

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