24 September, 2014

Should you love a Person for a Reason or Love them without a Reason?

Hmmm! This is one serious issue that has fallen most people out of love from relationships /Marriages.. If all you love about a Person is for reasons of his/her beauty, his/ her Intelligence; his/her Sexual skills, his/ her Cooking skills, his/ her Possession (Money/ Property), whatsover reason, when you get too used to it, would you not get tired along d way?.. Because, no matter how ripe plantain sweet reach, u must definitely change to other meals..

But when you love a Person without any Reason at first; then everyother thing about them becomes a Bonus.. This way, you're on a milky adventure to discovering new things about them.. Tell me, who gets tired/ bored of sweet &wild adventures?.. None! Love is Natural, it comes with No reason..To those who fell out of love with a Person they once loved, i guess d reason you loved them in d first place got so used to, &Expired as you further saw other reasons on other people of interest to you.. If Keep falling for reasons to love a Person; you'd find yourself fall for everyother persons as met..

Love without a Reason First &Let everyother thing come new to you about them!